Mentorship provides a safe and nourishing environment, the chance to study, practice and apply the skills of teaching.

Each package is shaped with the individual in mind with focus on sequencing, language, cueing, voice intonation, how to read and hold space during your class, theming, music, creativity, workshops, self-promotion, business or any combination of the above.

 “One of those people in life that I am truly thankful I crossed paths with, @traceynoseworthy has been my teacher for over a year and my mentor for over 3 months. Every time I am asked about my progress with teaching, I always offer my appreciation for Tracey's guidance. I would not be where I am at without her ability to teach but most importantly her willingness to listen. For me, yoga is more than flexibility or a pose. Yoga is medicine and Tracey helps me deliver that

"Let's bring out the real Jay," She says. Thanks to my mentor, I am finally becoming more the real Jay: more breath, more love, more humble, more sharing, more understanding.

P.S. My cheeks are still sore from laughing so much.”

-Jay Burrows, One Yoga Victoria

Corporate Yoga


Keep your employees happy and healthy:  relieve stress, create a workplace culture focused on health, improve work habits, move your body, and change repetitive thought to bring out more creativity and energy in the workplace. 

Couple Private


Be with your partner,  friend or family member. It's fun! Learn adjustments for each other. Deepen your connection. Integrate your wellness and lifestyle. Improve your practice together on and off your mat.  


Personal Private


We are all life-long students. One-on-one sessions. What would you like to learn? Are you looking to strengthen your practice? Start a practice before you join a class? Gain a deeper understanding of alignment, pranayama, meditation? Are you injured?  Want to explore the next level? Or simply to improve fitness? You choose.


Youth Private


Popularity of youth yoga is growing. Educating our children early about the mind-body connection prepares them for all aspects of life, building self-awareness, confidence and peace of mind.