Personal Private


We are all life-long students. One on one sessions. What would you like to learn? Are you injured? Or are you looking to strengthen your practice? Start a practice before you join a class? Gain a deeper understanding of a pose? Ensure proper alignment to prevent injuries? Explore the next level? You choose. Ideally 75 minutes. 


Couple Private


Be with your partner,  friend or family member. It's fun. Learn adjustments for each other. Deepen your connection. Connect your wellness and lifestyle. Improve your practice together on and off your mat. This can be playful, intimate, friendly or romantic. 


Youth Private


Real examples of what parents ask me, "Will yoga help ..."

"My son is a goalie and has the tightest hamstrings ever."

"My child has ADD."

"I need to get my children off their cell phones."

"How do I teach my child mindfulness?"

"I would love my child to have better coordination."

"Can yoga...improve my child's athletic performance? help with anxiety? strengthen the bond with my son/daughter? prepare a youth to take public classes? build self confidence? help them find their identity? "





Keep your employees happy and healthy:  relieve stress, create a workplace culture focused on health, improve work habits, move your body, and change repetitive thought to bring out more creativity and energy in the workplace.