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YOU MATTER: Get Out of Your Own Way and Be the Creator of Your Own Life

  • Esalen Institute 55000 California 1 Big Sur, CA, 93920 United States (map)

Join Tracey Noseworthy for a 5 day journey inward to embrace the true essence of YOU.  Through meditation, mantra, pranayama, and asana, we will open and discover who you really are and who you are capable of being. 

Settle in and get familiar with your body.  Unwind, and dance with your strength in a slow flow.  First, we realign to the principles of foundation, build in commitment, and honour your practice . Then we revisit why you came, flirt with the inner strength found in trusting yourself and experience the Emotional Flow. Finally, we release and prep for reintegration.  Seek an anchor to your source, clarity, authenticity and truth. Through this, encourage the body to embrace self-nourishment and intuitively respond with an open heart in your everyday. 

Come prepared to sweat a little, laugh or cry a lot, harness the busy mind, entertain your inner spirit and recognize the power we hold when we rid the mind of its distractions.  If you stopped holding yourself back ~ where would you go?